About Satoshi's Price

Why? 🤔

  • I think we need to use the easiest and best readable format for Bitcoin transactions.
  • I want (new) people to realise that they can buy a part of a bitcoin.
  • I wanted to create an easy tool for people to check the price of Bitcoin in satoshi's.

What? ℹ️

I heard @GKBoris speak about Lightning ⚡ in the Cryptocast (a Dutch podcast about crypto/Bitcoin). He spoke about some experimenting he did with Lightning transactions and wallets. His point: Lightning is awesome and a few satoshi's feel like a fortune in a Lightning wallet.

I tried it for myself and noticed that he was right. A few satoshi's feeled like a fortune indeed. Besides it is a lot easier to read the amount of satoshi's you’re sending or receiving using the satoshi's format instead of the weird 0.something format. For example: 1000 satoshi's is easier to read than 0.000001000 and 326,034 satoshi's is so much easier than 0.00326034.

Want to help? 🦸

If you like this concept I would like you to tell your friends about it and share it on Twitter. And if you want to help maintain this website or just want to support me you can sent me a few satoshi using Tippin.me. 😊